Why Does Manufacturing Tech Matter?

There’s been a lot in the news lately about U.S. manufacturing. Since taking office, President Biden has signed several executive orders in an effort to “restore American manufacturing vitality and industrial strength”.

Over half of U.S. output comes from small and medium (SME) manufacturers. In fact, three trillion dollars in goods are produced annually by factories of fewer than 500 employees according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. …

Last month, I joined Heartland Ventures to lead the firm’s deal sourcing and co-investor relationships in Silicon Valley.

I’m excited about Heartland Ventures because we’re supporting businesses in the Midwest that are foundational to the American economy by connecting them to technologies we invest in. These businesses provide essential services and employ thousands of people. They’re in traditional industries like manufacturing, construction, and logistics that are ripe for innovation. We’re able to give them access to cutting-edge technology being developed outside of their communities to make them even more successful.

In my experience, some of the most compelling investment opportunities…

Bianca Caban

Principal, Heartland Ventures

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